Welcome to OakTree Consulting where I cater to all of your health coaching needs. I can help you to achieve the health and life results you are looking for. How? I do this by using my 10% Fitter Method that I have developed with over 300 one on one clients in health coaching. So, whether you are here to lose weight, get better sleep, fix your stress and hormones or to create the life you wish for, I will help you stay centered, balanced and productive like you have never felt before.

My typical clients work with me…

  • Because they want to improve their health from inside out
  • So they can lose their frustration with lack of results from eating less and moving more
  • Because they have become tired of yo-yo diets and quick fixes
  • So they want results today, maintain them a year from now and not negatively impact their health 10-20 years down the road from the actions taken
  • Because they are too busy to be perfect and give 100% to the plan, but don’t mind playing the long game

I have coached for 14 years in different areas of health coaching. Currently I am the Chief Executive Officer of Coaching Hub. It is a coaching community changing the way clients and coaches work together. Because often we are too busy for complex changes, I focus on creating gradual transitions by varying each input in your life to the level of readiness that you can handle. Therefore, you dictate the path with accountability and knowledge from me. My passion is about creating a world where our society is more humanly sustainable.

I work with organizations as well as individuals for my mission to help 10,000,000 people to realize their potential through impact on their mind and body to create a more humanly sustainable world.

Your health needs to be the rock that holds everything together in your life. Why? Because how we do one thing is how we do everything

Health and Life coaching method designed to create habitual and permanent change. I focus on a long term marathon versus short term sprint approach.
Because you have responsibilities besides your health

I have developed my 10 Percent Fitter Method For Health Coaching Because…

  • All or nothing mindset is killing progress
  • People are busier than ever and cannot commit 100% of them to health caching focus and make behavior change work
  • You are not your only priority
  • Habits take time and are the only way to change health
  • Discipline is escaping most and needs to be rebuilt

So, if this sounds like something you desire, please contact me to set up an intro call. You will find out how coaching your health and identity will help you in all aspects of life.

When you lose direction and you need someone to get you back on track, reach out to Anton. he will do everything in his power to help you overcome the obstacles you are facing.

As an identity coach, Anton is always there to lead you towards being the best version of yourself. All you need is commitment to follow his recommendations and the real willingness to change the situation you are in.

So don’t let yourself be put down by your circumstances! Reach out to Anton, have an honest word with him and you will discover how obstacles can be turned to your favor, as lessons to improve your existence. 

Andrada Anitei

Anton is a phenomenal speaker and coach. He knows how to take complex ideas and present them in a manner that is easy to digest. He is engaging and from his in-depth knowledge you know he lives his message. His insights into stress are invaluable to becoming the highest performing individual possible, not only in business but all aspects of life!

Katie Wallace