Mindset Coaching

I help you to create awareness to listen to your self talk and give you the tools to control it

Behavior Change

I help you to create habits that become the foundation of your discipline to accomplish anything

Life Coaching

I help you to set your identity to unlock your potential by bringing all areas of your life to balance

Nutrition Coaching

I help you to learn to incorporate your nutrition into your life style for perforamnce instead of trying to diet for weight loss

Exercise Programming

I help you to go from doing workouts to knowing how to create your own goal specific programs to become the master of your fitness

Stress Management

I help you to perform at your best without backing off your ambitions by managing all components of your stress

Weight Management

I help you to lose or gain weight to have the the body and confidence you desire

Who Am I

Coach Anton

My Clients Work With Me...

-Because they want to improve their health from inside out
-So they can lose their frustration with lack of results from eating less and moving more
-Because they have become tired of yo-yo diets and quick fixes
-So they get results today, maintain them a year from now and not negatively impact their health 10-20 years down the road from the actions taken
-Because they are too busy to be perfect and give 100% to the plan, but don't mind playing the long game.

My Background

I have coached for 14 years in different areas of health coaching to include meditation, yoga, nutrition, behavior change, fitness and metabolism. Currently I am the Chief Executive Officer of Coaching Hub. It is a coaching community changing the way clients and coaches work together. Because often we are too busy for complex changes, I focus on creating gradual transitions by varying each input in your life to the level of readiness that you can handle. Therefore, you dictate the path with accountability and knowledge from me. My passion is about creating a world where our society is more humanly sustainable.

My Why

I work with individuals and organizations for my life purpose. It is my mission to help 10,000,000 people to realize their potential through impact on their mind and body to create a more humanly sustainable world.

in great health, Cooach Anton

Are Your Ready To Get Your Sexy Little Red Dress Back?

I want to help you to feel good in your own skin while building your mindset to conquer anything your life throws at you.

Donna Schmidt
Donna SchmidtOffice Manager

Anton Chumak is a difference maker. He is a profound communicator. He cares. He lives life with passion - a passion that is contagious. An excellent leader, Anton is full of energy and loves to explain why we do what we do - and how we elevate our game. He is a life changer who doesn't ever quit - even when the odds seem insurmountable. He faces every challenge straight on, figures out the best course of action and strives to excel in every way. A very strong leader...

I worked closely with Anton for three years. He was my coach, my mentor, my therapist. Together we solved problems and jumped over hurdles that I could have never faced alone.
Anton has made my life better is so many ways, and continues to be there for me. He is dedicated and determined, caring and kind. Anton is wise well beyond his years and if you are lucky enough to cross paths with him, take the time to get to know him. As I said, he's a life changer!

And... if you'd like to know more of the story feel free to reach out to me at

Steve Shanker
Steve ShankerPwC Deals Partner - Valuation

I worked with Anton for over two years. His coaching and leadership approaches were both motivating and understandable. I found that Anton would always make sure to understand my goals and objectives and he would work with me to achieve them in the most efficient way possible.

One of Anton’s key strengths is his curiosity and desire to help me figure things out. He never spoon fed the answers or approaches; he helped me see how best to accomplish things. Another of his key attributes is his thirst for knowledge and desire to impart what he learned to others. I frequently found myself a beneficiary of his tireless research. Finally, he is always upbeat and positive. I find him great to work with.

I strongly endorse Anton and highly recommend his coaching

Emily Springer
Emily SpringerProject Manager

I was fortunate enough to organize an event this weekend were Anton was a guest speaker. I kept thinking...We are just a bunch of sales weirdos who work from home, how is this guy going to relate to my agents? How impactful can his message be to a bunch of stay at home moms and dads?

Well he quickly showed me. Before he even took the stage he captured my attention. I watch him become a part of the crowd. He jumped in and invested time into connecting with my team. He saw opportunities through out the day to jump in and help coach and mentor!

I couldn’t have been more impressed with his ability to connect with such a diverse group. I had several agents who provided amazing feedback and take away about his ability to create a real life connection to stress and work.

It was such a pleasure working with him!

Andrada Anitei
Andrada AniteiAuthor

When you lose direction and you need someone to get you back on track, reach out to Anton. He will do everything in his powers to help you overcome the obstacles you are facing.

As an identity coach, Anton is always there to lead you towards being the best version of yourself. All you need is commitment to follow his recommendations and the real willingness to change the situation you are in.

So, don't let yourself put down by your circumstances! Reach out to Anton, have an honest word with him and you will discover how obstacles can be turned to your favor, as lesson to improve your existence.

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