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Identity Theft Part 1

Do you own your identity or does someone else own it? HAS YOUR IDENTITY BEEN HIJACKED?

I went to check my bank statement as I was preparing for a trip with my family and I was in shock when I saw what was on there. No, the bank did not by accident add a couple of zeros to my latest deposit. I overdrew my account, and that was not possible. I make decent money and may not be the most savings focused person, but I never deplete my account enough for that to happen. When I looked at purchases made, they were in a completely different state. Someone pretending to be me made purchases by hijacking my identity.

You have to understand your identity is not because of your achievement. Your achievement is due to your identity.

That situation made me very cautious. I started regularly checking my account to make sure that never happened again. I purchased identify theft protection from my insurance provider. I made my passwords much stronger and changed them across different sites. I became much more skeptical when filling out any information. I did not send any credit card information through text or images. All of this made me feel safer, but it also made me wonder what else was in danger.
I spend all this time on protecting my electronic identity, but what am I doing regularly to protect my actual identity. Well, the answer was nothing. I was not even looking at what my identity is all about and how I can define it. If I cannot understand something, how can I protect it?voice.jpg

Our identity has a voice. It is our internal recording playing in our head. People will try to come into our lives and change that voice and take control of it. Some intend to do it, and some just do it naturally with their charismatic personality. None will be successful if you learn to filter appropriately and see when people at [phi. During these times is where people that live their lives for people’s approval are in jeopardy of misery. As different people come into your life they will change that inner voice with every interaction. You will feel on top of the world when they tell you that you did well. You will feel like the bottom of the barrel when they say you did poorly. I will tell you that you have indeed found yourself when someone says that you failed and you learn the lesson, but you still feel on top of the world because you were able to learn. It takes some understanding and acceptance to achieve that.
You have to understand your identity is not because of your achievement. Your achievement is due to your identity.
Your identity is not because of your friends. Your friends are there because of your identity.
Your identity is not due to the love you receive. The love you receive is due to your identity.
when-you-stop-chasing-the-wrong-things-you-give-the-right-things-a-chance-to-catch-you-quote-1So the identity should not change irrelevant of what is happening to you or who is around you. Strive to grow what you are capable of, but stay within the confines of who you are. That way, when you get there it will be authentic and feel good vs. constantly having to reach for the next thing because it was the wrong thing in the first place.
Are you chasing money in life perhaps because your parents did not have any and told you that you needed to grow up and be financially secure? It may be so, and you have no idea why you are not enjoying life even though you have all the money in the world. Perhaps you became a particular profession because you got a lot of praise and were very successful. You stuck it out for a long time, and now you are in high-level management but hate the company you work for.

You are not meant to sit there and just make it through life. We were put here to thrive in our environment. The only way that can happen is by us learning how to be our true authentic self. You are you because everyone else is taken. If you learn to be you, your identity will be that much harder to hijack by others.

I promise that you are chosen to use your identity to do something in the world. You are created in the Lord’s image and are more powerful than you ever imagine. How can you be that powerful being if you do not set who you are? The voice inside your head must always be your own. Learn from others, learn from mistakes. Adjust that voice slightly as you mature, but always be the singer of your solo.


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