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Are You Someone’s Angel

What does it take to make a difference in someone’s life?

We all tend to focus on inspirational material when we think of being influenced by an angel. Let me ask you this…Look back in your life and try to remember the people that made the biggest impact on you. I would bet that many of them are teachers, coaches, mentors and parents. They may not have been the most positive people in the world, but all of them shared some very key attributes.

  1. They cared about you as a human being
  2. They told you what you needed to hear versus just what you wanted to hear

The later is my focus point today. If some of the most important people in our life told us how it is, why are we not always doing that to help others? Why do we feel that telling somebody the truth about their actions by providing feedback is doing something To someone instead of doing something FOR someone?

As yourself if giving feedback is hard ✅TRUE or ❌False? The world is not ready for the truth these days. People have become very soft and started confusing being nice with being kind. What is the difference? Say someone has a booger🤢 Do you tell them and risk them getting embarrassed or do you hope they notice themselves? In our world less people are saying, “hey you got something there”. How about a more complex problem like verbal abuse of children. Do we speak up or do we hope that the parent will just figure it out? How about immoral things going on around us, do we speak up when they happen or just let them occur for someone else to fix? Do we speak up against gossip?How about telling our team member that the project they did is not the quality we have come to expect from them and we want to have them fix it before it gives them a bad reputation.

Kindness is caring about the person in the bigger picture. Being nice is making sure we do not upset the ecosystem we’re in.

Be careful that by always trying to be nice you don’t become unkind #ProgressiveCandor  #TruthBeforeCompassion #5DaysOfTruth

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