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Daily Prompt: Permit

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We run around this life striving for self improvement. Not all, but a lot of great people are seeking to be better today than they were yesterday. We read books, we listen to podcasts, we attend seminars and trainings. The problem here is that the vast majority of people are trying to become like the people they are learning from.

This form of self improvement is dangerous and will not work in the long game. There is too much attention to detail here. When we learn from others we need to be top-down thinkers versus bottom-up thinkers. What does that mean you may ask? It simply means that we need to learn more conceptually when we learn from others. Instead of trying to memorize their lines and and their words, we must understand the concept of what they are saying and then ally the detail of how that fits within our own identity.

The other aspect we must focus on is how much change are we asking to happen from ourselves. Many read and listen to a couple Life changing things a week. Many of them are in different topics. Do you really expect yourself to adapt to all of that change? Or are we reading just to make ourselves feel like we are doing self improvement without actually having a plan?

Here is your plan for seeking self improvement while Permitting yourself to still be you:

  1. Understand one main point from everything you read, see and listen to
  2. Explain that point in your own words and be able to teach it back to someone if you had to
  3. Then take a few supporting details that prove that point so you feel good about implementing it in your own life
  4. Go practice it over and over and add another source or two of more education around the same thing
  5. Evaluate the changes in your life and how they played out. If the changes were the ones you were looking for then make the habit permanent. If not, then change the habit into something else.

This is a path that will allow you to grow your paradigm and skill set without allowing your identity to be hijacked by someone else.

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