Blood Sugar Regulation=Solution To Motivation and Focus Problems

Our ability to stay engaged with task, maintain focus and be motivated to do what we desire is gravely impacted by forces we do not connect to the problem.

What are these forces? It is your blood sugar regulation.

It has become increasingly more difficult to keep our blood sugar in check in modern world. There are things like stress, digestion, micro biome and metabolism that impact our blood sugar and it is not just about what we eat. In today’s Vlog I cover information on the topic and create awareness around the problem to help you overcome the issues that plague you through improving management of your blood sugar

Some solutions that are there for you:

  • Increase protein
  • Limit processed carbs and eat more complex natural carbs
  • Pay attention to the glycemic index of carbs you eat
  • Your breakfast really helps to get the day started right

About Anton Chumak Andryakov

I love human beings. I find that each of us is so fascinating in our own way. I am a Christian, a husband, a father and a truth teller. I find joy in helping others achieve their greatness and have a mission to help 10,000,000 people achieve their potential by impacting their mind. I will do this through coaching the identity within each of us.

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