Your Physiological Self

Your Exercise frequency, routine and consistency determines a lot about you. For starters it gives you discipline and focus and we know how we do one thing is how we do everything. This is not just about health and fitness but directly impacts your focus and productivity.

Your Physiology will determine many underlying things like your mood, mental acuteness and overall motivation as well as how well you make decision under pressure. Have you ever snapped at someone and then had to fix things for a very long time? Would you like to avoid that? Your physiology has a lot to do with it its not just about your mind and personality.

Your Nutrition is going to determine how you fuel your body for performance and how well your body regulates blood sugar. This is key in maintaining energy levels needed to accomplish the thing you desire to daily.

Your Self Care will determine if you are keeping your gas tank full so that you are able to help othersĀ  as we cannot pour from an empty cup. My program helps you to understand why you must put on your oxygen mask first in life.

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