Book Death By 1000 Papercuts

Pre-order my book Death By 1000 Papercuts here and take advantage of giveaways until August 31st.

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Buy 2 books get my Kitchen Rescue PDF to help you meal prep better

Buy 3 books and get access to my goal setting mini course that helps you set goals to accomplish anything while creating a more disciplined self

Buy 5 books and I will meet with you for 1 hour (virtually) and assess your physiology. It will uncover any potential roadblocks that may exist internally for your health.

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Supplement Recommendations

Picture Of Supplements

There are a lot of bad supplements out there because the FDA does not regulate them. I only recommend things I personally have taken myself or have used with my clients. My selection is based on a very high quality vetting process so that you can get the best results possible.

Assessment Recommendations

You must assess your starting point to have the best plan of attack for optimizing your health

This is some of the newest shift that has occurred in health lately. People are understanding that traditional western medicine testing is not giving all the answers and is missing key problems. Therefore these tests are based on holistic medicine and are designed to address the root cause of your specific problems.

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