Public Speaking is in my blood and I was raised by my father to captivate a crowd. Some people get nervous on stage, where I enter my state of flow. I am most present and alive when I am on stage feeding off the energy of my audience. I am available for Paid or Non Profit Keynote Presentations. Please contact me to discuss if we would be a good fit for each other.

Everything I speak on has to do with creating more Human Sustainability in the world here is a sample presentation on what Human Sustainability is all about

Presenting In Chicago At EmpowerLink Conference

Examples of Speaking Topics :

  • Stress…The Black Plague of Our Time
  • Death By 1000 Paper Cuts…How Small Daily Mistakes Create Deathly Wounds
  • Culture… The Most Misunderstood Leadership Buzzword
  • Stress Management for high achieving individuals
  • Nutrition To Perform
  • Impact of Physiology On Decision Making
  • Team Member Optimization Through Wellness and Mindfulness
  • Physiology and Work Relationships
  • Live Life Your Way
  • Personal Accountability and The Formula To Win Your Life

Please contact me for details and speaking fees at

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